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McGill University is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In all major rankings, McGill consistently ranks in the top 50 universities in the world and among the top 3 universities in Canada. McGill counts among its alumni 12 Nobel laureates and 145 Rhodes Scholars, both the most of any university in Canada, as well as 10 billionaires, the current prime minister and two former prime ministers of Canada. Interested candidates can easily find other aspects of McGill by a simple search [from wiki].

Available Positions

Email the PI (Prof. Cao: with your CV if you are interested in any of the following positions

Multiple Ph.D. Positions in Winter 2024 (Open) (Date updated: Mar, 2023) (Fully-funded)

  • Candidates with a Master's degree (or Bachelor's with a strong commitment to do PhD) and have research experience in Mechanics of Materials, and/or Printing Technologies (e.g., transfer printing, 3D printing, etc.), and/or Electrochemistry of energy storage materials, and/or Thinfilm Materials (e.g., 2D materials, III-V films, etc.),  and/or microelectronics/robotics/wearable devices are particularly encouraged to apply.  

  • Please contact the PI with your CV only AFTER you have successfully submitted your PhD application online at McGill's application portal

  • For more details of the admission requirement, please visit

Postdoc position (Electrochemistry or Wearable electronics/Soft Robotics) to start immediately (Open) (Date updated: Apr, 2023)

Development of wearable electronics or soft robotics via 3D printing (Position 2) 


  • Record-proven experience in developing wearable electronic devices or soft robotics from start to finish

  • Strong knowledge in microelectronics, control theory, circuits, and programming. 

  • Extensive hands-on/experimental experience fabricating/characterizing devices

  • Solid foundation in polymer science, material synthesis, and materials characterization

  • Ready to start soon

Experimental study at the intersection of mechanics and electrochemistry of materials (Position 1) 


  • Extensive experience in experimentally synthesizing lithium/sodium battery materials, assembling of coin cells, battery testing, etc. 

  • Expert in characterizing the performance and properties of battery materials, including, SEM/TEM, XRD, FTIR, etc. 

  • Solid knowledge foundation in electrochemistry 

  • Fast learner with knowledge in mechanics of materials 

Visiting Scholar (always open)

Our group will support scholarship applications for visiting students/scholars with strong research interests in our work and relevant skills

For International Scholars:

For Canadian or Permanent Residents of Canada:

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